Landscaping, garden design, garden maintenance, garden features, etc

Paul’s Plantscapes offer a variety of services to not only create an immaculate landscaped garden setting, but also to maintain its appeal. These include garden services, horticultural services, once-off clean ups and landscaping.

Garden Services

Weekly / fortnightly
Mowing of lawn, edging, raking and removal

Horticultural Service

Weekly / fortnightly
Mowing of lawn, edging, raking and removal weeding, deadheading flowers, pruning trimming of hedges, fertilising

Once-off Clean Ups

Cutting, slashing, mowing lawns, edging, pruning trimming hedges, removal and poisoning of alien plants, herbiciding, insecticiding, composting and fertilising 


We offer a wide range of landscaping ideas uniquely crafted to suit our clients specific needs, tastes and budget.
Many exciting themes that can be used, such as formal, informal, English cottage, tropical, Japanese, contemporary/mode



Various sizes, colours and textures are used to enhance, define and create areas of interest as well as functional outdoor spaces.
Paving areas can have grouting, pebbles, gravel or plants between them. Pavers can be staggered creating a chessboard effect

Pathways & Steps

There are various designs available to suit your style of house.
Stones, gravel, cobbles, sleepers, flagstones, miniature grasses, colours and textures all combine to provide a pathway which invites you to explore your garden and its many different areas

Feature Areas

Using pots, big and small, millstones, feature stones and rocks, bridges and statues, to harmonise with your choice of plants and shrubs.

Water Features

Natural features such as still ponds, small bowls, cascading waterfalls and fountains can all provide a soothing, calming effect on the garden.

Retaining  Areas

Small banks can be retained with retaining blocks planted up, gum poles (vertical / horizontal), sleepers and rocks.